About Great North Property Maintenance

Great North Property Maintenance is a trusted crew of professionals that you can always rely on to get the job done safely and correctly. Our team is properly trained in all services offered and have a large interest in the industries we are a part of. Taking pride in the quality of work we provide and having affordable pricing is our commitment to clients, always completing any job in a way that leaves a smile on their face.

Our Experience

With our owners having over a decade of experience in commercial/industrial building operations and our team working very closely with various property management firms around the lower mainland that manage large retail shopping malls, industrial complexes and commercial/ residential buildings has allowed our team to gain a high level of experience being a part of many different size scopes of projects as well as the expertise of working safely and knowledgeably in large settings around customers and tenants.

What makes us Different?

  • Our key objective is building trust and lasting relationships with our clients
  • The team is cross trained on all services allowing everyone to be knowledgeable and up to date with all company practices
  • Our owners backgrounds in commercial building management/ operations gives Great North a leg up when it comes to experience servicing larger portfolio’s
  • We frequently converse with other industry professionals to stay up to date with new techniques and gather different prospectives on selected methods of work
  • With us safety is taken very seriously, we have spent the time & money required to become fully safety compliant above industry standards which has provided us accreditation by various safety assessment firms
  • Having Invested in the proper equipment and correct techniques has allowed us to service properties efficiently & professionally while being able to provide our clients with more affordable pricing then our competitors