Our Services

Choosing Great North PM as your trusted exterior maintenance contractor allows you the simplicity of having a one-stop-shop you can rely on to tackle your property maintenance needs.

We offer a range of Property services to our clients and are always happy to assist with finding a solution to any service needs you may have, no matter the size.

Pressure washing Services

Here at Great North, we refer to our team as Pressure Washing Specialists. Having been taught by local industry leaders, our team is properly trained to safely and efficiently service any of your pressure washing needs. Using top of the line equipment and the most up to date cleaning methods, we don’t leave lines or streaks and we are properly educated to know the right pressures to run our machines at to avoid any damage to your property and its surroundings.

From driveways to parkades, we are fully prepared to handle any size job!

Also offering hot water pressure washing services for those tough jobs like Garbage enclosures, loading bays, gum covered sidewalks, oil spills and grease trap areas.

(before & after)
BEFORE - pressure washingAFTER - pressure washing

Landscaping Services

With British Columbia having the drastic changes in temperature throughout the year that we experience, you can trust our team’s expertise in handling the specific needs of each season.

We tend to each client’s needs with an ideal combination of our commercial landscaping services to ensure your property is left looking with that wow factor that catches the eye.

Offering a range of landscaping services such as flower garden installation and maintenance, lawn care, hedge trimming, and grounds maintenance for any commercial properties, strata managed facilities or residential home. Here at Great North, we understand the importance of the exterior appearances of properties and have strict maintenance schedules making sure your strata and commercial landscapes are always looking their best.

Here at Great North, we are exterior property maintenance experts that are always happy to assist in any way possible.

Window cleaning Services

Not only are a building’s windows more beautiful when clean and sparkling, but it’s something that is first noticed when looking at a building’s exterior or when entering a business.

Our team is trained with the most up to date and safest techniques, working with top-of-the-line water fed brush poles and Di Resin Filtration systems that filter the chemicals out of tap water allowing a streak free final product as well as providing us the capability to get most jobs done safely from the ground level avoiding any potential fall from heights. We do also offer hand work/squeegeeing for store fronts and any ground level windows requiring low water flow.

Great North services commercial & residential properties up to four stories in height.

Line Striping (Lot Maintenance)

Proper traffic flow and clear markings lowers risks and enhances awareness in any parking lot, which in the end provides your business with a level of satisfaction that you’ve done your part to create a safer operating facility for visitors of your property.

Parking designation can be a tricky one to handle but with Great North you can count on us to create a designated parking plan that assures parking directions are clear and well presented for your tenants/visitors.

Our promise to you is this:

transparency and reliable striping services in a timely manner while giving you superior quality results for your business. We are here and ready to provide your company with the best possible solutions to meet your Line striping needs. We guarantee crisp & clear markings that will result in safer traffic flow, enhance your property appeal, and provide higher compliance from drivers in your lot.

(before & after)
BEFORE - Line StripingAFTER - Line Striping

Asphalt Crack-Sealing (Lot Maintenance)

Here in British Columbia, we experience wet weather for most of the year. Unfortunately, water is the most destructive element to asphalt pavement. Unsealed cracks allow water to penetrate and weaken the base and subgrade of the asphalt leading to erosion of your parking lot which causes alligatoring, potholes and more extensive cracking that eventually cost you huge amounts to repair. Asphalt sealing is a process where the surface of the pavement is coated with a waterproofing material throughout the crack and is the key to an excellent maintenance plan for your asphalt pavement as It’s intended to prevent spread of the problem cracks by filling and sealing the crack before it’s caused to much damage to your lot. This will help to keep foreign substances out of the cracks and create a sealed bond within the cracked asphalt avoiding further erosion and expansion.

The process leaves about a 3-inch-wide band of waterproofing seal covering the top of the crack assuring proper bondage.